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EP Worm Gear, founded in 2004, is recognized worldwide for designing and manufacturing high quality, long-lasting worm gear drives and unique, custom-engineered worm gear products. Extensive application and design engineering experience allows EP to consistently provide reliable and cost-effective gear drive solutions for customers globally.

EP offers a wide range of products and services including single, double and triple worm and helical worm reducers, custom-engineered worm gear reducers, standard and special worm gear sets, reverse-engineered gear sets and gearboxes and gearbox rebuilding services.



Double reduction worm gearbox is a practical product developed by our company. This reducer adopts high-quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight, no rust; large torque output, large speed ratio; stable transmission, low noise; high heat dissipation efficiency.1. Efficient and safe operating
2. Compact structure and small volume saves mounting space
3. High load capacity and overload functions give stable transmission with reduced vibration.

NMRV75 worm gearbox
NMRV series worm-gear reductors are important transmission machineries. They are fit for various mounting positions and with the features of light-weight, compactibility and flexibility, they fulfill the demands of customers very well. As the advanced solutions, they are widely used in many fields: food staff, chemical and industrial industry, textile industry, electronic equipments, conveyors equipments, cranes, metallurgy, printing and dying etc.

Worm gearboxes are having cast iron gear case, worm shaft is of Alloy Steel, duly hardened and tempered. The worm wheel is made of Chill Cast Phosphorous Bronze. EP worm gear boxes have liberal ribbing for increasing heat dissipation area, streamlined sump for carrying more oil and fan of ample size which is effective in both side of rotation. Design Standards: Wherever applicable, British as well as Indian Design standards are used. Worm Shafts conform to case- hardening Alloy Steels, Worm Wheels conform to phosphorous-bronze as per BS 1400, While Gear case conforms to C.I. Grade 20, IS210.

The company has a high-tech R & D center. It is one of the professional research institutions integrating worm and worm standards, information, research, development, design, technical and experimental research, and gear failure analysis . In recent years, the company has obtained more than 100 national patents

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General Purpose Cast Iron Worm Gearboxes

EP cast iron worm gearboxes (worm gear speed reducers) are mechanical power transmission components that can drive a load at a reduced fixed ratio of the motor speed. Output torque is increased by that same ratio, while horsepower is unchanged (less efficiency losses).





Custom Products

We can modify or customize all our standard gears, gearboxes, speed reducers, shaft couplings, clutches, linear shaft supports, and other mechanical components to meet your unique specifications.


We promise will offer the best price by the high quality in china! We also accept special order about the products. If you are interested in our products. Please do not hesitate to let us know.We are pleased to give you the detailed information.We promise that our products would be safety and were in high quality and reasonable price.


No. 1 in market share

EP boasts the No.1 market share in the China stock gear market (According to our own research).
As an independent gear manufacturer, we take great pride in the EP brand.

Layout of chain place

When a roller chain is applied, shaft positions is usually arbitrarily established. Having said that, in principle, follow the illustration proven beneath. That is definitely, when the chain is tensioned horizontally, hold the prime tensioned. Stay clear of vertical...

Chain Length and Sprocket Center Distance

Required length of roller chainEmploying the center distance between the sprocket shafts and also the quantity of teeth of each sprockets, the chain length (pitch number) may be obtained through the following formula:Lp=(N1 + N2)/2+ 2Cp+{( N2-N1 )/2π}2Lp : Total...

Chain Choice by Temperature

This is certainly a chain selection method taking deterioration of power in relation to temperature into consideration. Please use suitable lubricant to the temperature at which the chain is always to be employed. Talk to us for Effects of temperature...

Tips on how to Select the proper Chain

The description in this chapter can be utilized when a chain is endlessly engaged for transmission with two sprockets parallel within their shafts and exact in Driven alignment as illustrated beneath.1.Check with us whenever a chain would be to be utilised for...

Dimensions of Sprocket

Sprockets is often classified into common sprockets, HK sprockets and also other Typical sprocketNormal sprockets are ANSI sprockets which may be engaged with normal series roller chains. See P125 for dimensions.There are two sorts of tooth profiles:...

Chain Wear-elongation Verify Gage

This gage checks the wear-elongation of chains.Test the chain elongation at a portion which can be mostregularly engaged with all the sprockets (portion most likely to become worn).When the center with the pin with the chain to get measuredThis gage checks the...

C-Top (Chain Cover)

C-Top is usually a plastic cover for chains which can be quickly attached. It's ample load power for chains conveying goods. Unlike traditional plastic chains, it may possibly be employed below high tension as stainless steel chains. It can be an ideal remedy for the...

Roller Chain Coupling

Options1.Uncomplicated structureA roller chain coupling consists of one duplex roller chain and two sprockets to get a simplex chain. Dealing with is incredibly easy as both the shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) could be linked and disconnected by inserting or...

Leaf Chain

Leaf chains include pins and plates only and are greater in power than roller chains. They are ideal for duties like hoisting and pulling. Leaf chains conform to ANSI and have two varieties: AL and BL.AL sortFor that use that static load is utilized with very little...

Silent Chain

SC silent chains (SCA, SCR, SC)SC silent chains use specially-coated round pins and exclusive plates to accomplish a great engagement mechanism, and can retain a noise level remarkably lower than conventional roller chains.SC type silent chains might be used for large...