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EP Worm Gear, founded in 2004, is recognized worldwide for designing and manufacturing high quality, long-lasting worm gear drives and unique, custom-engineered worm gear products. Extensive application and design engineering experience allows EP to consistently provide reliable and cost-effective gear drive solutions for customers globally.

EP offers a wide range of products and services including single, double and triple worm and helical worm reducers, custom-engineered worm gear reducers, standard and special worm gear sets, reverse-engineered gear sets and gearboxes and gearbox rebuilding services.



Double reduction worm gearbox is a practical product developed by our company. This reducer adopts high-quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight, no rust; large torque output, large speed ratio; stable transmission, low noise; high heat dissipation efficiency.1. Efficient and safe operating
2. Compact structure and small volume saves mounting space
3. High load capacity and overload functions give stable transmission with reduced vibration.

NMRV75 worm gearbox
NMRV series worm-gear reductors are important transmission machineries. They are fit for various mounting positions and with the features of light-weight, compactibility and flexibility, they fulfill the demands of customers very well. As the advanced solutions, they are widely used in many fields: food staff, chemical and industrial industry, textile industry, electronic equipments, conveyors equipments, cranes, metallurgy, printing and dying etc.

Worm gearboxes are having cast iron gear case, worm shaft is of Alloy Steel, duly hardened and tempered. The worm wheel is made of Chill Cast Phosphorous Bronze. EP worm gear boxes have liberal ribbing for increasing heat dissipation area, streamlined sump for carrying more oil and fan of ample size which is effective in both side of rotation. Design Standards: Wherever applicable, British as well as Indian Design standards are used. Worm Shafts conform to case- hardening Alloy Steels, Worm Wheels conform to phosphorous-bronze as per BS 1400, While Gear case conforms to C.I. Grade 20, IS210.

The company has a high-tech R & D center. It is one of the professional research institutions integrating worm and worm standards, information, research, development, design, technical and experimental research, and gear failure analysis . In recent years, the company has obtained more than 100 national patents

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General Purpose Cast Iron Worm Gearboxes

EP cast iron worm gearboxes (worm gear speed reducers) are mechanical power transmission components that can drive a load at a reduced fixed ratio of the motor speed. Output torque is increased by that same ratio, while horsepower is unchanged (less efficiency losses).





Custom Products

We can modify or customize all our standard gears, gearboxes, speed reducers, shaft couplings, clutches, linear shaft supports, and other mechanical components to meet your unique specifications.


We promise will offer the best price by the high quality in china! We also accept special order about the products. If you are interested in our products. Please do not hesitate to let us know.We are pleased to give you the detailed information.We promise that our products would be safety and were in high quality and reasonable price.


No. 1 in market share

EP boasts the No.1 market share in the China stock gear market (According to our own research).
As an independent gear manufacturer, we take great pride in the EP brand.

China Hot selling Double Stage Nmrv Series Worm Gear Box for Industry with Good quality

Product Description  High Rpm RV series Aluminum Alloy Worm Gear box NMRV 571-150 Reducer Variable Wheel Drive Speed Reduction Worm GearboxProduct ParametersEditing and broadcasting of main materials1. Body, die-casting aluminum alloy;2. Worm shaft, 20 Crq steel, high...

China OEM Wps Cast Iron Worm Gearbox (WP series) comer gearbox

Product Description Overview-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quick DetailsGearing Arrangement:    Worm ...

China manufacturer Right Angle RV Worm Gear Box with IEC Motor Flange gearbox definition

Product Description  Product DescriptionMain Materials:1)housing:aluminium alloy ADC12(size 571-090); die cast iron HT200(size 110-150);2)Worm:20Cr, ZI Involute profile; carbonize&quencher heat treatment make gear surface hardness up to 56-62 HRC; After precision...

China Best Sales Nmrv040 Worm Gearbox for Ceramic Industry gearbox definition

Product Description RV series CharacteristicsRV - Sizes:--150Input Options: with input shaft, With Square flange,With Input FlangeInput Power 0.06 to 11 kWRV-Size from 030 to 105 in die-cast aluminium alloy budy and over 110 in cast ironRatios between 5 and 100Max...

China wholesaler RV Worm Gear Speed Reduction Transmission Gearbox in Black gearbox drive shaft

Product Description  Product DescriptionMain Materials:1)housing:aluminium alloy ADC12(size 571-090); die cast iron HT200(size 110-150);2)Worm:20Cr, ZI Involute profile; carbonize&quencher heat treatment make gear surface hardness up to 56-62 HRC; After precision...

China Good quality Hangzhou Sale Marine Engine Gearbox Advance 135 with Marine Engine with Hot selling

Product Description Product DescriptionApplicationMarine Gearbox D300A is suitable for fishing, tug, engineering and transport boats.DescriptionMarine Gearbox D300A possesses functions of speed reduction, ahead and astern clutching and bearing propeller thrust. It is...

China best Good Quality Right Angle Nmrv Worm Gear Speed Reducer / CZPT Shaft Gearbox with Good quality

Product Description Good Quality Right Angle Nmrv Worm Gear Speed Reducer / CHINAMFG Shaft GearboxSpecification Detailed PicturesOther Related Products Company Overview   About Greensky MechanicalHistory: Greensky Mechanical is a motor brand of CHINAMFG power company...

China Best Sales RV075 Aluminum Casting Worm Gearbox for Conveyor cycloidal gearbox

Product Description NMRV WORM GEARBOXGearbox Data Summary ModelPower(kW)Transmission ratio(i)Rotate speed(RPM)Output torque(N. m)RV30-1500.06-155-10014-2805-1800FeaturesIts appearance is "square box" structure, with beautiful appearance, small volume, rapid heat...

China Hot selling 1: 50 Ratio Speed Helical Worm Gearbox Gear Transmission Gearbox gearbox adjustment

Product Description 1:50 ratio speed  helical Worm Gearbox gear transmission gearboxProduct DescriptionNMRV 571-150 worm gear box with flange and electric motorNMRV+NMRV Double Stage Arrangement Reduction Gear BoxRV Series Worm Gearboxworm speed reducernmrv worm gear...