Double Reduction Worm Gearbox



Double reduction worm gearbox is a practical product developed by our company. This reducer adopts high-quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight, no rust; large torque output, large speed ratio; stable transmission, low noise; high heat dissipation efficiency.

1. Efficient and safe operating
2. Compact structure and small volume saves mounting space
3. High load capacity and overload functions give stable transmission with reduced vibration
4. No gap structure of gearbox makes this reducer maintenance free and prevents lubricant from leaking
5. Various linking structures for power input and torque output allows for different mounting methods


Model Input speed Speed ratio Input power Output speed
NMRV075/090 1400 300 0.37 4.7
400 0.37 3.5
500 0.37 2.8
600 0.37 2.3
750 0.25 1.9
900 0.25 1.6
1200 0.18 1.2
1500 0.18 0.9
1800 0.12 0.8
2400 0.12 0.6
3000 0.09 0.5


Application Scope

1. Chemical industry

2. Pharmaceuticals

3. Paper making

4.  Machine tools

5. Agriculture

6. Automatic production line and assembly line

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